Cash reward offered for stolen service dog “who’s never left” his owner’s side

COLUMBUS, Ga- The owner of a bull terrier is offering a $2,000 reward for his safe return.  The dog, named Whiz, has brindle coloring, a white chest, with a white line down the center of his eyes and nose.  The dog is also wearing a silver collar. Whiz was stolen around 4 a.m Sunday morning from the Wesley Heights Elementary School area. To get a better look at Whiz, please see the video that accompanies this story.

He’s a veteran contractor just back from overseas. He came to Columbus from Florida seeking refuge from Hurricane Hermine, but he now finds a huge part of himself missing. Rob Gaines says he has the proof that his service dog named Whiz has been stolen.

As police are on the lookout for the culprit, Gaines is asking our community to be watching for his beloved companion. Whiz isn’t just a dog for Rob Gaines. He’s not just a beloved friend. Whiz is a very special animal, a service dog who has been by Rob’s side for years.

“Whiz is my PTSD dog who has been with me since the day he was born. I have the mother and father. He’s never left my side,” says Gaines.

Gaines says that Whiz was stolen from him. Because it’s a pending investigation, and out of respect for that investigation, he can’t say much more that that—only that police are looking into it.

But this visitor to Columbus does ask a favor of all of us. He wants us to be on the lookout for Whiz.

“You can call the police, you can call us directly, or you can approach Whiz. You can just call his name; he’ll come to you. He’s not aggressive at all. He’s good with kids; he’s good with other animals; he’s not aggressive at all,” says Gaines.

If you think you see Whiz, please call Rob Gaines at (850) 612-5310 or Erica Rangel at (561) 231-3870.

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