Local academy students remember Ron Anderson

ron anderson ots

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Springer Theater Academy is an intense young actor training program for students in kindergarten through high school. News 3 spoke with former students of the academy who say the late Founder of the academy, Ron Anderson, changed their lives.

Dozens of students told News 3 about the memories and moments they shared with Ron Anderson.

Alys Barrow, a former eight year academy student, says she listened to each one of Anderson’s instructions.

“He would be very succinct, very concise and very powerful. Every word he said counted and every word mattered even though they were very simple words.it was a way for him to communicate with everyone and bring everyone together, “said Barrow.

Mary Grace Boyd said he was a father figure to many and that god shined brightly through him.

Boyd said, “every time he walked into the room he just poured out this love and that kind of love can’t just come from one man. He touched so many children.”

Barrow believes Anderson left a permanent mark of love on every student’s heart.

“He definitely has left more in his wake then you can ever imagine and i think personally i carry that with me every day and i carry the fact that i have to love people as much as he did, in order to make up for lost time,” said Barrow.

Former ten year student Chloe Tharp feels it’s her responsibility to carry on Anderson’s legacy.

“It’s our job now to carry out the life skills, the stage skills that we’ve learned and use them all throughout our life,” said Tharp.

Quinton Blount said he aspires to be like Anderson one day…whether it’s in art or in life.

Blount said, “There’s nothing that he didn’t accomplish in his life. If anybody can set an ideal paste or an ideal set of things to accomplish, I would say that his is the one to aim for.”

All of the academy students say although they are mourning the loss of their beloved teacher, they know that he’s in a better place because he’s no longer suffering the pain that comes with cancer.

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