Amazing Marriage Chase takes off in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga-  Many of you enjoy watching “The Amazing Race” right here on WRBL News 3. But in downtown Columbus this morning, it was “The Amazing Marriage Chase.”

Perhaps you noticed the couples running around downtown this morning in the bright yellow shirts. The event drew participants from as far away as Atlanta.

Essentially, participants used their smartphones and map to locate items on a scavenger hunt.

The chase was about fun, but the meaning went deeper. Organizers designed the experience to bring couples closer.

“Healthy marriages make strong communities, make healthy families, and that’s what we want.  It reduces poverty, it increases happiness, it increases community involvement, and it makes us better global citizens,” says Monica Cobis, a relationship expert.

News 3’s Kristina Privette served as an emcee at the event this morning.

The grand prize went to the couple who completed all the challenges in the shortest time.

This is the fifth annual marriage chase event. It’s put on by “Right From the Start,” which is the marriage and family initiative of The Pastoral Institute.



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