Lowder Hall is fully operational

AUBURN, Ala.- Auburn University is fully operational after a fire damaged most of the first floor back in late June.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office say the fire most likely started in a light and ballast on the first floor. The university says flames in the are reached temperatures of nearly 1,200 degrees.

lowder1 lowder2Before and after

Now, the building is fully operational, and the school says a lot of teamwork made this possible.

Since then, the building underwent soot removal, air purification, ozone treatment, more than 100,000 sq feet of ceiling tile was added throughout the building, new LED lights on the first floor have been added.

“It shows great teamwork and partnerships across Auburn University,” Assistant Director of Maintenance for Facilities Management Bruce Arnold said.”We know the mission is to educate. You have to have classrooms to do that. We in facilities felt we needed to do that to support the college of business as they use their building to support many colleges on campus.”>

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