Forrest Road closure in Columbus could impact your commute this week

Starting Monday, a Columbus road closure that could impact your commute.

Forrest Road between Elm Drive and Avalon road will be closed to through traffic for the placement of asphalt on both sides of the new Cooper Creek Bridge. We have a map showing detour routes this morning.

The routes if you’re travelling eastbound are as follows:Turn left from Forrest Road onto Elm Drive northbound.Turn right from Elm Drive onto Macon Road eastbound.

Turn right onto Macon Road– onto Avalon Road southbound.Turn left from Avalon Road onto Forrest Road eastbound. If you’re travelling westbound.

Turn right from Forrest Road onto Avalon Road northbound. Turn left from Avalon Road onto Macon Road westbound. Turn left from Macon Road onto Elm Drive southbound.

Turn right from Elm Drive–onto Forrest Road westbound.

The closure is expected to last until Wednesday, August 17th. It could be longer if there is rainy weather.

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