Now is the time to pest proof

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Some kids in our area are already back in school and in Muscogee County kids go back to classes on Monday.

During this time parents should keep a few pest proofing tips in mind to prevent mosquitoes, ants and bed bugs from infesting homes.

Experts say, pests tend to be attracted to the summer months and now is the time when many people are at risk of pest infestation.

Blake Grimsley, a service manager with the Columbus Arrow Exterminators provided some tips today.

He says when it comes to certain pests there are specific things you need to do. It’s still mosquito season, so teachers and parents should remove sources of standing water around the home and school. He says they serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Grimsley also says, everyone should use an insect repellant containing Deet when playing outdoors.

When it comes to ants, infestations are very common, so parents and teachers should make sure children dispose of old food and clean crumbs from lunchboxes and lockers.

Grimsley also says children should clean out backpacks each night and leave bags hanging to keep them off the floor.

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