Escape room popularity spreading to the valley

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Escape rooms are becoming the hot top of discussion around the country.

People are testing their survival skills to see if they can follow the clues to escape a locked room.

Caroline Rowell and a group of her friends wanted to do something different than going to the bowling alley or the movies.

Rowell says her love for mystery and adventure is what brought her to the escape room.

“I’ve grown up watching Forensic Files and Snapped and all those shows. Wanting to know if you can do it and wanting to know if you’re smart enough to figure something out,” says Rowell.

Kristian Ogden, one of the Owners, says people love to come and experience the unexpected.

Ogden said, “Almost like a completely different life, completely different world. So when you step into one of our escape rooms your objective is to escape, but you’re also escaping reality.”

Rowell says the rush of adrenaline shows people’s true colors when they’re working together to solve a clue.

“You’re frazzled trying to get them to solve the puzzles and you’re trying to give them clues that you think might be pertinent. Your nerves are running rampant trying to figure out what’s important,” said Rowell.

Although Rowell and her group weren’t able to escape the room in time, she plans to n give it another shot in the near future.

Rowell said, “It was definitely something different. I’ve done a lot of fun things in a lot of different states over the years, but I’ve never done anything like this.”

Escape has recently moved to a new location because of the amount of foot traffic.

Local businesses are bringing their employees to put their skills to the test and promote team building skills.

For more information on the Escape Room Click here.

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