Law enforcement, community break bread, barriers

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A local non-profit is reaching out to build relationships with law enforcement officers in the community. Chattahoochee Valley Backing the Blue brought dozens of people together to learn more about the men and women who protect them every day.

Charles Fromkin, a member of the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard, wants to show his support for the organization in both good times and bad e

“We wanted to come out to see the people who are caring about us and it’s good to see that during times like this our citizens are coming out and supporting us,” said Fromkin.

Micah Holland, the founder of the nonprofit, says the goal of the community potluck is to show appreciation and put a positive light on law enforcement.

Holland said, “We want to be a vehicle for positive interactions and do positive things for law enforcement and just show them that there’s people out there that care about them and appreciate them.”

Misty Sipes-Hall, a Board Member in Backing the Blue, says one of the goals of the organization is to change some of the stereotypes that people have about police officers.

“You know we got a lot of talk now about bad officers and bad this and bad that, but you’re going to get that in any occupation in any place town, state, country…it doesn’t matter because there’s bad in everybody, and we need to support the good,” said Sipes-Hall.

The organization says what they want, more than anything, is unity and understanding between the community and law enforcement. Backing the Blue is planning a family fun night for law enforcement and their families soon. They hope to raise awareness as kids go back to school.


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