Veteran hiking from Maine to Georgia to raise awareness about veteran suicide, save lives

Courtesy: WTNH/Tina Detelj

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — An army veteran is on a mission which he hopes will save the lives of other veterans.

George Eshelman is walking and hiking from Maine to Georgia. He is hoping to raise awareness about veteran suicide, but also wants to let veterans know help is on the way.

News 8 caught up with Eshelman in New London. He founded the Unified Warrior Foundation which is working with other organizations and the Veterans Administration to provide opportunity to veterans who need it. He carries with him the names of 218 veterans who committed suicide from PTSD all within 10 days.

(WTNH - Tina Detelj)
(WTNH – Tina Detelj)

“Veterans are being turned away from the VA and as a non-profit, we’re not looking to attack the VA. We’re looking to show them the proper way to do it and there are some wonderful VA’s in the country. We just want those VA’s to share how they accomplish things,” said Eshelman.

Eshelman says his organization is doing things like providing six months of free housing to homeless veterans in Texas so they can get the help and counseling they need to get back on their feet.

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