Travel With Care Campaign takes to the streets in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala.- If you have driven around Auburn recently and seen a blue bowtie along the road, you may have wondered what they mean. The city along with the university was hoping that folks would have that reaction to the bowties.

They were done in an effort to make people aware as well as making them ask questions. Tuesday and Wednesday, volunteers were out in Downtown Auburn to answer those questions.


The Travel With Care Campaign is the annual travel safety campaign the city does. This year’s focus was “Know When to Go.” The city says majority of accidents occur failing to yield the right of way. Their goal in the campaign is to encourage safety and courtesy on the road among all forms of transportation.

The city says this year’s campaign has been very successful. The city says if the efforts of the city keep one person from being injured, there is no value to how much that is worth.

Auburn University student, Alyse Scott says as a result of the campaign, people are becoming more aware of all of those on the road.

“I definitely think that it makes Auburn even safer,” Scott said. “I know Auburn is one of the safest places to live in the State of Alabama. It creates an even friendlier environment for people to come in so they know that as Auburn grows, the focus is still about safety.”

The campaign also includes the yearly event, AU Warning Week. This week is dedicated to teaching folks the rules of the road. In lieu of giving tickets to drivers and pedestrians who do not yield the right of way to each other and bicyclists riding on the sidewalk, they are given warnings.

Both campaigns wrap up this week, and in a couple of weeks, the city will release a survey gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. That survey can be found here



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