Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant voted best fried chicken in GA

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant hasn’t only received local recognition, but statewide for having the best fried chicken in the state of Georgia.

The Georgia Tourism and Travel website crowned Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant as one of the best fried chicken joints in the state.

Also they’ve won 6 awards in the Ledger Enquirer Readers’ Choice Awards for having the best fried chicken, desserts and ethnic style food.

Gwendolyn Davis, a customer, says that she keeps on coming back because nobody makes fried chicken like the chicken lady.

“Good customer service, the food is good and I like coming here because you always know what you’re going to get. You know sometimes you go to a place today and it tastes really good and then you go back tomorrow and it doesn’t taste good? Every time I go to Minnie’s I know the food is always going to be the same,” said Davis.

What’s their secret for making the best chicken?

They soak the chicken in brine overnight, use a special batter with seasoned flour and special oil to deep fry the chicken.

They have been serving the community for over 25 years and they strive to give customers a great experience with a meal that tastes like grandmas home cooking.

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