Local pastor changing lives around the world

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – A local pastor is changing lives all around the world and he’s starting right here at home.

Paul Meacham’s Dream Life Ministry is more than a dream, it’s now a reality.

A ministry that gives recovering drug addicts, ex-gang members, and homeless people a chance at a new life.

Pastor Meacham says his past gives him a special connection.

“Having the experience I’ve had and being in a street gang myself and once I got out of the gang they tried to kill me and I’ve been in some of the worst situations around the world,” said Meacham.

Meacham’s love for people is what motivates him to keep them off the streets.

Meacham said, “Humanity is who I want to help and that’s why I’m compelled because of my experience and for my love for humanity.”

Willie Foster was homeless for many years until one rainy night he had enough and gave his life to God.

“I prayed to God and said God if you get me through this storm I’ll do your Word and here I stand”, said Foster.

Tommy Mims, started using and selling drugs at a young age.

Mims said, “I was thirteen or fourteen I was into drugs and I use to cook crack cocaine, sells drugs and it lead one step further and further every time.”

Nicolas Botello, says his journey to Christianity wasn’t easy.

“I started with drugs, gangs and then eventually Satanism,” said Botello.

Pastor Meacham is grateful that they’ve surrendered their lives to God.

“The greatest success feeling on my heart is when someone overcomes drugs and it’s like I win the lottery every time,” said Meacham.

The group of men have turned their lives over to Christ and they travel across the country telling people their stories of how they went through darkness in order to see the light.

To donate to Dream Life Ministry click here.



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