BigHouse Foundation teams up with food bank to help foster families

OPELIKA, Ala. – The decision to become a foster parent is a tremendous one. The families that take on this responsibility must weigh the rewards of opening their home to children who often are the neglected, abandoned or abused, against a possible strain on their resources. Thankfully, there are places that can help.

BigHouse Foundation is one of them. BigHouse provides a clothes closet, school supplies, parents night off where the kids are watched, and nutrition. Because of a partnership between BigHouse and the Food Bank of East Alabama, the children are getting the nutrition they need. The foster parents fill out an order form and the food is delivered for very little.

“And the list comes through BigHouse, we get it all organized, send it to food bank, they fulfill the list, and then they send it back to use. All the food gets delivered on a Monday morning and the families come and pick up from here. So that has been a huge asset to foster families,” said Micah Melnick of BigHouse Foundation.

“It’s usually around 20 dollars is what we spend for 100 pounds of food. And yeah, I’ve added it up before and sometimes when I’m pulling it out it’s several hundred dollars worth of food that we end up getting,” said foster parent April Click.

BigHouse Foundation accepts clothing donations, toys for Christmas and back-to-school supplies. The Food Bank of East Alabama accepts food donations. For more information on services available to foster families, click here

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