6 Russian triathletes clear to participate in Rio Olympics

(CBS New York)

MOSCOW, Russia —  All six athletes in Russia’s triathlon squad are now clear to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) says Wednesday.

“None of the six Russian triathletes (three men, three women) that have qualified for 2016 Olympics are included in the McLaren report, nor have any of them served suspensions or bans for failed doping tests,” the ITU says in a statement.

“Additionally, they have all been tested outside of Russia. Therefore, ITU will recommend to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that these six athletes be permitted to compete in Rio next month.”

The Russian fencing and judo teams have also been cleared this week to join the Olympic team.

The International Olympic Committee recently decided to uphold the ban on the Russian track-and-field team amid the country’s doping scandal.

The Committee is currently allowing the international federations for the 28 other Olympics sports to decide on each Russian athlete’s participation in next month’s Rio Games individually.

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