Elected officials hold call to unity

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Dozens of people are voicing their concerns on violence in the community at the #706 unity meeting.

Jerome Lawson, a key note speaker, says violence affects everyone.

Lawson said, “Violence affects a lot of other people as well. This is an unbiased attempt to unify because it’s not just about one color it’s about everybody.”

Timeca Williams, the event coordinator, says the meeting was held at the Lamb Funeral Home to symbolize potentially deadly consequences, if violence is left unchecked…

“It’s symbolic to the things that are going on and where we’re ending up,” said Williams.

Williams says mirrors were at the bottom of caskets as people walked by, to drive home their point.

“We had each person come around and look into the casket and when you look into the casket you actually saw yourself ,” said Williams.

Lawson is asking elected officials to do more in our communities than talk and march.

“More than just saying I send my condolences. Come and get involved, come and walk the streets. Get out here and get to know these people personally so that they can understand who is serving them and who their serving,” said Lawson.

Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman addressed the concerns that people had regarding those in office and he believes officials have their work cut out for them

Countryman said, “If our Columbus Police Department is 79 people short then how are you utilizing the marshal’s office and the sheriff’s office? How are we utilizing the 1% local sales tax for intervention and prevention?”

Everyone says even though change isn’t immediate, they hope something can be done soon to help save lives in Georgia and all across the country.

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