Local organization teaches young entrepreneurs

COLUMBUS , Ga.- A local organization is encouraging kids between the ages of 8 and 16 to become entrepreneurs. Alphabet Kidz supports the budding business owners by offering tips and resources. Jocelyn Garcia owns and operates an alkaline water business. The 11-year-old says helping others inspired her to start her own business this summer.

“It all started when we went to an art summer camp and Dr. Hud came and talked to us about the alkaline water,” Jocelyn said. “And we wanted to start a business because it’s not just any kind of what it does is help you prevent a lot of diseases and cancers.”

Jocelyn explains the process of production for her business.

“Somebody brings us the water and then we sell the waters. We have the labels and then we sell the waters for two-fifty,” said Jocelyn.

15 year old Armani Bostic runs Triple A Customs. Her parents’ success drove her to become an entrepreneur. She came up with the idea to customize kicks when she saw a classmate’s unique pair of shoes.

“I thought the idea was cool so I started and just continued and what I do is go buy the plain shoes and then I have leather paint that I customize them with,” Armani told News 3.

Barbara Pierce, the Founder of Alphabet Kidz, says teaching young millennials how to start their own business breaks a mindset that has been passed down for generations.

“They may do it the first time and say we only made like $30 to $40 and I tell them that’s not important because what’s important is getting exposure and getting the word out , letting people know what you do and learning more about your product,” said Pierce.

Alphabet Kidz encourages children to turn their hobbies into businesses, so that they can turn their dreams into reality.

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