Local Facebook group supporting law enforcement officers becomes nonprofit

PHENIX CITY, Ala.- A local Facebook group originally created to support local law enforcement is taking the steps to become a tax deductible organization.

Micah Holland, the Founder of the Facebook group Chattahoochee Valley Backing the Blue, has opened their first bank account at CB&T because they’ve officially become a nonprofit organization.

A few weeks ago, the Facebook group had more than 3,000 members and now they have more than 10,000.

The organization says they wanted to keep track of the money they’ve collected from donations.

Micah Holland, the founder of the group, says it’s important to keep the group’s momentum going strong because it shows support for law enforcement.

The organization has special events lined up over the next few weeks with the community and law enforcement.

Now that they’ve become a nonprofit organization, Backing the Blue hopes to earn even more legitimacy in the community.

The organization says they need to raise more than $800, So that they can process the paperwork to become a 501-c3.

To donate click here.

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