News 3’s Top Trends: July 22

Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination, Hillary Clinton dares you to go "Trump yourself", and a Virginia couple adopts 6 kids after their friend dies of cancer.

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Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination

(CBS News)
(CBS News)

Declaring America in crisis, Donald Trump pledged to cheering Republicans and still-skeptical voters Thursday night that as president he will restore the safety they fear they’re losing, strictly curb immigration and save the nation from a Hillary Clinton record of “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.”

Confidently addressing the finale of his party’s less-than-smooth national convention, the 70-year-old billionaire businessman declared the nation’s problems too staggering to be fixed within the confines of traditional politics.

A political novice, he completed the greatest step yet in his improbable rise, accepting the GOP nomination to face Clinton, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state.

Trump’s address on the closing night of the Republican convention marked his highest-profile opportunity yet to show voters he’s prepared for the presidency. He set aside much of his usual bravado.

As the crowd, fiercely opposed to Clinton, broke out in its oft-used chant of, “Lock her up,” he waved them off, and instead declared, “Let’s defeat her in November.”

The more than hour-long speech was strikingly dark for a celebratory event and almost entirely lacking in specific policy details. Trump shouted throughout as he read off a teleprompter, showing few flashes of humor or even a smile.

In his speech, Trump said that this “convention occurs at a moment of crisis.”

“The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country,” Trump told the convention crowd.

The Republican nominee said that “we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore” and that he will be the voice of the “forgotten men and women of our country.”

Trump also made history being the first Republican candidate to pledge support for the LGBTQ community in an acceptance speech.

“I am  your voice,” Trump told to roaring applause.

Social media is responding with both support and skepticism of Trump’s LGBTQ comments:


Hillary Clinton dares you to #TrumpYourself

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is taking her battle against rival Donald Trump to a computer screen near you.

Clinton’s campaign has released a new online tool that gives supporters the ability to add photo filters containing controversial statements Mr. Trump has said throughout this year’s election process.

When you log onto the Clinton campaign’s spoof of Trump at, a photo-shopped version of the presidential candidate appears with the question, “What has Donald Trump said about people like you?”

After clicking on a button giving the website permission to access your Facebook, the insults are laid creatively over your current profile picture.

This is not the first time Hillary for America has used innovative online tools to clarify the differences between their candidate and the Republican nominee. Just yesterday, aides from the Clinton camp read through all of Donald Trump’s 5,500 lawsuits on Facebook Live for four hours.

Trump’s campaign has not responded to the new feature on Clinton’s website.


Couple gets full custody of 6 kids who lost mom to breast cancer

A Virginia couple now has full permanent custody of six children who lost their mother to breast cancer.

The story from Alton, Virginia made national headlines for its incredible act of altruism and friendship. Stephanie Culley says she and Beth Laitkep had been friends since high school. When Laitkep died from breast cancer in May 2016 at the young age of 39, leaving behind six children, Stephanie and her husband Donnie decided to take in Laitkep’s children — and they already had three of their own.

Laitkep had sometimes talked about who’d look after her kids if she didn’t win her battle with triple negative breast cancer — a disease she’d fought before. As Laitkep’s condition deteriorated, Culley had a serious conversation with her friend’s doctor, who told her nothing could be done and it was time to make plans.

Culley says Laitkep asked her: “Can you do this? I know you will do this, but can you do nine kids?”

Culley’s husband and children were all in agreement: they would grow their family by six children: Will, 15; Selena, 14; Jaxson, 11; Dallas, 10; Lily, 5; and Ace, 2. On July 19, 2016, a judge granted the Culleys full permanent custody.

To donate to the family’s GoFundMe page, click here.

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