Cruz stops in Georgia to support Crane

NEWNAN, Ga. – An enthusiastic crowd greeted Senator Ted Cruz in his first public appearance in Georgia following his controversial speech at the Republican National Convention.

“Earlier this week I had a little notice talk that I gave in Cleveland,” Cruz said.

Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump and told voters to vote their conscience.  He is supporting Third Congressional District Candidate Mike Crane.

Crane says he is honored Cruz spoke at his rally despite some negative feedback following Cruz’s speech.

“Hesitation?  Are you kidding? No, I would’ve drove him down here myself.  You don’t abandon your friends,” Sen. Crane said.

Not everyone at the Newnan Centre was there in support of Crane.  Members from the Fraternal Order of Police picketed outside the event.  Georgia FOP President Randy Robertson is upset about a statement Crane made in February.

“That if the judge issued a warrant to someone and that individual came into his home in the middle of the night, given the opportunity, that he would kill that person and he was encouraging the audience to do the same,” Robertson said.

“As a defender of the 4th Amendment and a protector of law enforcement and all of our freedoms, I just want to say thank you to all of them for putting their lives on the line everyday for us and we’re going to create and we’re going to create an environment that’s safe for everybody,” Crane explained.

Cruz is looking at the bigger picture concerning the race for Georgia’s Third Congressional District seat.

“If we come together and unite in defense of liberty, not only are we going to win in this House seat, but Republicans are going to keep control of the House of Representatives.  Republicans are going to keep control of the United States Senate and we’re going to defeat Hilary Clinton in the presidential race,” Cruz said.

Crane says he can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump.   Crane faces former West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson in the runoff election Tuesday for the Third Congressional District.




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