Welcome: Back 2 School!

Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year! On behalf of WRBL, we hope you had a great summer, and that students and their families are ready to return to the business of learning. Back-2-School for many students is around the corner, and its really hard getting children back focused! Below we have some resources that could help ease the anxiety of starting school again!




A nutritious morning meal will help kids concentrate better in class and maintain a healthy weight. Make sure your children eat a balanced breakfast at school. (cereals, yogurt, and fresh fruit)


Look over the school menu with your child, especially if he’s a picky eater. It’s important to plan to pack a healthy lunch they’ll enjoy. (Hard-boiled egg, apple slices, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, baked chips)


Keep nutritious foods on hand, so that your child can prepare their own snacks. (Celery, peanut butter, carrot sticks, popcorn, nuts, and low-fat cheese with whole-grain crackers)


  • Make a sleeping schedule the week before classes start.
  • Kids ages 5-12 need 10-11 hours of sleep per night.
  • Children 12 and up need at least 9 hours of sleep.

Your kids may not be getting enough sleep if they are:

  • Irritable or restless
  • Have a short attention span.
  • Impatient, anxious, or defensive more than usual.

You can help your children get sufficient sleep by establishing and maintaining a nighttime routine. The National Sleep Foundation recommends:

  • Limiting caffeine consumption in the afternoon and evening.
  • Avoiding serving big dinners close to bedtime.
  • Sharing a favorite story with your child or encouraging him/her to read on their own.


  • Much of a child’s success in school is tied to the support he gets at home.
  • Communicating with teachers and understanding their expectations.
  • Create a homework station and keep it stocked with adequate school supplies.
  • Being available to help with homework.
  • Observing your children for signs of frustration or confusion.

Back to School Routines

Additional information, like what’s above, can be found in these links below:






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