Where is Allison Whiddon?

RAMER, Ala. — Today marks a painful anniversary for the friends and family of a woman who grew up in Smith Station. It’s been three months since Allison Whiddon vanished from her home in Panama City, Florida, without a trace. She leaves behind many in our area who are desperately searching for her.

In a story you will see only on 3, WRBL talks to her brother who shares the agony his family has experienced as the search for her continues.

Allison Whiddon disappeared somewhere around April 18 and that three months has felt more like three years to her family.

She and her brother, Reggie Whiddon, grew up and graduated in Smith Station. Her friends and family reached out to News 3 because they want Allison’s story told and hope that someone, somewhere might have answers to end this torturing mystery.

“Yep, I miss her,” says Reggie Whiddon as he looks through photographs.

When most of us miss a loved one, they’re a phone call away. But these days, Reggie Whiddon has only these cherished family photos to make him feel close to his baby sister, Allison Whiddon.

“It’s like a hole opened up and sucked my sister off the planet with what she was standing there with,” Whiddon says.

For the past three months, Allison Whiddon’s whereabouts have been a mystery. She disappeared in mid-April from Panama City Beach, Florida.

“Everything about my sister ceased to exist on the morning of April 19,” says Whiddon.

Though she grew up in Smith Station, the distance between here and the Gulf Coast was just enough to delay anyone back home realizing she was in trouble. By the time a police report was filed, it was more than a month since Allison vanished.

Another of the many disturbing aspects of this case is how Allison’s gold Ford Ranger wound up in a deserted, desolate parking lot along the beach in Panama City near a bar, one that she would never visit, say her friends and family.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is active and on-going, but it doesn’t feel that way to her big brother.

“This is my sister missing, and they just don’t seem like, it’s that important to them.”

In the days before she disappeared, Allison made plans with her brother to come to Alabama to celebrate her birthday. She never made that trip. But Reggie has made trips to Panama City Beach to search for his sister. So far, nothing has come of his efforts. But Allison is never far from his mind.

“You start to think I can’t call my sister; I can’t go see her; I don’t know where she is. She made me laugh in a way that I’ll never laugh again. She was a treasure to all of us, and uh. . . I miss you, Allison, I do,” says Reggie Whiddon, fighting back tears.

According to Reggie Whiddon, police have told him there’s been no activity on Allison’s bank accounts since April.

News 3 reached out to the Sheriff’s investigator in charge of Allison Whiddon’s case. He did not return our call.  The Public Affairs Officer at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation continues.

If you have any information about Allison Whiddon, please call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 747-4700.  If you would like to offer investigators an anonymous tip, please click here for the Panhandle Crime Stoppers website.



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