Ga. senator optimistic about Republican Convention

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Republican National Convention gets underway today. However, with people protesting in Cleveland, News 3 got the chance to talk with a senator before he left.

Kristina Privette asked if he anticipated seeing violence while there and if he was nervous.

Senator Joshua McKoon says this is not his first rodeo, but his fourth convention. McKoon says he has always felt extremely safe at past conventions. He expects even better security this week.

As for the presumptive nominee McKoon anticipates him to put on a good show.

“I think we will see the staging probably be different I expect it to be more made for TV. You know at these things there are a lot of dry speeches there are a lot of things that don’t really make for good television. I think Donald Trump knows from his experience with reality television and so on how to appeal to the public so it will be interesting to see how he shakes it up,” says McKoon.

He also says this convention is going to unite the divided Republican Party and they will come out at the end of the week stronger.

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