Local community reacts to recent police shootings

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Our community has been rallying around law enforcement following the recent police shootings in Dallas and now Baton Rouge.  Corporal Christy Truitt with the local Fraternal Order of Police calls the recent police shootings across the country devastating.

“It breaks our hearts.  It’s frustrating that we’re so far away we can’t be there to help.  We can’t do anything about it.  Their families, their friends, their colleagues, we watched them.  They’re all just torn apart.  All we can do is pray for them,” Truitt said.

She says she’s seen a positive turnaround from our community following these events.

“Since these incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge, many police officers have found around Columbus that people are stopping them more and thanking them for their service,” she said.

Micah Holland with the “Chattahoochee Valley Back the Blue” Facebook group is one of those people thanking law enforcement for their service.

“It just strengthens our position in how positive we feel and how much love and appreciation and respect we have for law enforcement in the Chattahoochee Valley,” Holland said.

Truitt says the recent police shootings will not discourage her from doing her job.

“I think some that were on the fence, it’ll go ahead and steer them into the direction of another career path, but for most of us who are in law enforcement, it was a calling,” Truitt said.

She says law enforcement is a job they have to get out and do even if it means they are not guaranteed to come home to their families.

“Kiss our kids a little tighter and closer.  Hug our loved ones and reach out to them more often than we do,” Truitt said.

So far, the “Chattahoochee Valley Back the Blue” Facebook group has more than 9,0000 members.   Holland is planning two events in the next few weeks.

Holland is planning a meet and greet with members where they will discuss becoming a non-profit organization.  He hopes to invite those in charge of local law enforcement agencies.  Holland also hopes to host a family fun day for law enforcement and their families provided by group members.

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