Early 20th century mural discovered in downtown Americus

AMERICUS, Ga — What started as a routine renovation projected turned into a tantalizing treasure find in Americus.

A construction crew discovered a turn-of-the-century mural that dates back to between 1902 and 1907. The discovery was made above the Fuller Center for Housing in downtown Americus.

The find was made when the second floor of Fuller was being cleared to ready it for the installation of loft apartments. When crews removed old wallpaper and plaster, they found the work of art hidden underneath.

One side of the mural is a Ballard Obelisk Flour Company advertisement, while the other is for a bookstore that was downtown at the turn of the twentieth century.

“We’re certainly going to figure out a way to protect the mural, so they will be incorporated to the living space,” says Kirk Lyman-Barner, Chair of Board of Directors for the Fuller Center for Housing.

“It’s pretty amazing to find something like this in downtown Americus. We have over 30 lofts downtown, but I think this is probably the most unique find we have had so far,” says Bill Harris, owner of Cafe Campesino, whose wall borders the Fuller Center for Housing.

During the construction phase, Lyman-Barner says he’s willing to allow people to take a look at the mural. Once the lofts are constructed, the mural will be part of a private residence and closed to tours.

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