Cochran Fellowship gives 14 Haitians the chance to study in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala.- Monday morning, 14 individuals from Haiti attended the opening ceremonies of their Cochran Fellowship Program at the Holiday Inn Express in Auburn.

The program gives those in the agriculture field from mid-level income countries, emerging markets and emerging democracies training opportunities that they can take back to their home countries. For three weeks, the 14 individuals will learn about soil mapping and soil surveys. Individuals a part of the program are agricultural economists, agronomists, engineers and soil scientists.

COCHRANFELLOW1The program aims to help countries develop agricultural systems which will help them meet food and fiber needs of their populations and bolster trade connections between countries and agricultural interests in the U.S.

Kanel Cadet, a participant in the program said he is excited to be a part of the program and take the knowledge back home. “My parents were farmers and it is pleasure for me to work with other people to help them improve their condition of living in Haiti,” Cadet said. “It’s always a pleasure for me to work with farmers and help people improve their living.”

Named after U.S. Senator Thad Cochran from Mississippi, the program has given more than 16,000 people from 120 countries appropriate training.

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