Auburn Dean speaks on global hunger

AUBURN, Ala.- June Henton is the Dean of the College Human Sciences at Auburn University.

She says global hunger is the most fundamental issue in the effort to become a sustainable world. “It’s a health issue,” Henton said. “It’s an education issue. It’s a workforce issue. The need for people to be well-nourished is so important for a healthy society and a good quality of life.”

Henton says there is enough food in the world to feed the nearly 800 million people who go to bed hungry around the world, but says there are certain issues that keep food from being distributed such as war, flooding and other cases.

junehentonIn order to solve the issue, Henton says all hands need to be on deck. Henton says universities need to be more involved, all aspects of society need to be in the game, the next generation needs to be in tune with the issue are just some of the ways to go about solving the issue.

“We know that it’s a moral issue for a lot of people,” Henton said. “We feel like there is just something wrong with our society where we have so many people who are suffering, and it’s sort of an issue of the haves and have nots, and that leads to national security issues that come out of that.”

Dean Henton says she does not know when global hunger will be solved, but says the world will be a much better place when it is. “Everybody, regardless of race, religion, ethnic group, whatever, will have an opportunity to be fulfilled, to have a better quality of life and we hope have a sustainable world.”

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