Troup County Board of Education candidates prepare for runoff

LAGRANGE, Ga. – The candidates in the Troup County Board of Education District 5 race are getting ready for the upcoming runoff.  John Asbell is facing Cathy Hunt.

They discussed different issues at a forum including Opportunity School Districts, which will be on the November ballot.  These school districts would allow schools deemed “perpetually failing” by state standards to be taken over by a state-appointed superintendent.

Hunt says she needs to learn more about Opportunity School Districts, but says sometimes intervention is good.

“I guess if I had to cast my vote today, I would say yes.  Sometimes outside help is needed,” Hunt said.

Asbell says he’s heard concern from some school administrators and principals.

“It would allow a group of people outside of our citizen’s to control it and if that’s true that gives me a lot of concern.  The best answers come from the local management, local teachers, local parents,” Asbell said.

The runoff election will be held July 26th.  Early voting already underway.

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