Reaction to police-involved shootings

COLUMBUS Ga. – Local community activists and the NAACP believe things may get worse in this country if the shooting and killing of black men and police officers continues.

Community Activist, Antonio Carter, from the National  Joshua Generation, says the killings have to stop.

“When you see Freddie Grey and his spine is separated from his neck. Michael Brown’s body left out in the streets of Missouri for eight to nine hours…this has got to stop,” said Carter.

Tonza Thomas, the President of the Columbus NAACP, applauds social media and the internet for exposing the deadly incidents for the world to see.

Thomas said, “What I like about the media is no matter what city or state you’re in, when a black man is killed by a cop, the media will put it up there because it is something that’s going on today.”

Major Gil Slouchick from the Columbus Police Department says statistically, there is more of a chance of getting struck by lightning than getting killed by a police officer.  Slouchick doesn’t believe that most officers discriminate.

“Police officers are color blind when it comes to enforcing the law. The majority of the time people that we interact with are people that we get calls on,” said Slouchick.

We asked Slouchick what you should do if you get pulled over.

Slouchick says, “You give them your license and registration and you don’t go reaching in consoles, pockets or pulling out guns. When the officer sees a gun in the car he’s naturally going to be cautious.”

Meanwhile, Carter believes that black and blue lives matter.  He says, “It’s a universal law it applies to everybody black, white, red, brown and yellow. Justice is a universal law.”

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