Mayor Tomlinson responds to the recent violence nationwide


COLUMBUS, Ga. – Mayor Teresa Tomlinson responds to the recent violence this past week nationwide.

Read her response below:

The people of Columbus can rest assured that we hire and maintain the best law enforcement officers and demand a culture of respect for all citizens. We have in modern times required all officer involved shootings to be investigated by the GBI, so the fact that the rest of the country is just waking up to the need for independent oversight in troubling times shows how seriously we in Columbus have taken this issue for years. We need to remember that we have seen the violence like that of Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas before. We realized then that respect for all human beings and good process was necessary for civic order and we need to recall those lessons as opposed to repeating that tragic history.

Our officers will continue to rely on their training, not their emotions, in their interactions with citizens.  And, we ask citizens to remember that these officers put their lives on the line to protect the people of this community.  Mutual respect and calm are required.

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