Local reaction to Dallas shootings

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The police involved shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge is what police say led to the deadly police ambush in Texas.  The killings of police officers shook the whole country including right here in our own community.

Randy Robertson is the president of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter.

“Well my initial reaction, as with any law enforcement officer watching it, you’re in that mode to try to determine tactics and exactly what’s going on and how they’re reacting and the emotion really doesn’t kick in until afterwards,” Robertson said.

Anger is that emotion Robertson is referring to.

“I think we move forward through conversation, an honest conversation.  Not political correctness,” Robertson explained.

Columbus NAACP President Tonza Thomas says as a country, we need to focus on cultural relations.

“If we learn about each other’s culture and how we talk and walk and move, I think it would be a little bit better.  However, we also need to talk to our police department about asking questions first and not being so trigger happy,” Thomas said.

Pastor Jimmy Elder says he was heart-broken when he learned about the Dallas shootings.

“Let’s be a people who insist on lowering the level, the tone of our rhetoric and make sure that we begin to find how we can put forth a voice of harmony and of love and a voice of encouragement,” Elder said.

Robertson hopes our society can bridge the gap between law enforcement officers and the general public.

“Law enforcement officers deserve due process just as much as anyone else accused of a crime deserves and we need to get focused back on our real problems, which are poverty and race relations,” he said.

Robertson says the National Fraternal Order of Police is sending their support and any help needed to Dallas.

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