Raffle raises money for injured Harris County Deputy

HAMILTON, Ga. — Organizers of the Blue Line Raffle benefiting Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Jamie White say they are overwhelmed after all of the support they received.  Deputy White was shot in the face when he pulled someone over for speeding back in May on Interstate 185.

Sgt. Marc Horton is on of the officers who organized the raffle.  He was at Deputy White’s side within minutes of learning he was shot.  He recalls the experience as scary.

“To see someone that you care for laying there in pain, it’s a whole different feeling.  I mean you do it with car accidents and injured people and you kind of learn how to cope with that, but when you see someone you care about injured, it hits the heart a little different,” Sgt. Horton.

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley says supporting Deputy White gives people the chance to support all public safety workers.

“Jamie being injured brought out a lot of emotions for a lot of people and he’s really the tip of the spear for people to get out and support their public safety,” Sheriff Jolley said.

Meriwether County Sheriff Deputy Carl White also helped organize the raffle.  He says he’s overwhelmed with all of the community’s support.

“In our profession, you don’t hear a lot of appreciation these days because a lot of the people we deal with, it’s not the best side of people.  So, it’s very refreshing and it warms my heart to see so many people step up and support Jamie,” he said.

Multiple law enforcement agencies from came out to show their support for Deputy White at the Blue Line Raffle.  The raffle was held at Hunter’s Pub in Hamilton.

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