One man battles fires and cancer, wins victory over both

COLUMBUS,Ga — Captain Gene Hull says new evidence is showing cancer is quickly on the way to replacing heart attack as the number one killer of our firefighters in America. Fighting fires is something Captain Hull knows a lot about. Sadly, this hero knows about Cancer too.

Cancer is something he has fought multiple times and right along with all of the fires in his career. Ultimately cancer took his right arm, but it has not snuffed out his passion. It has only made him appreciate his life and his job more. Captain Hull is an instructor now and makes sure to teach his students the techniques that are proving to protect our firefighter’s health long term.

This humble hero is also happy to use himself as an example when teaching.

“And I do that, I say when you are age 55, and you want to retire you don’t want to look like me…I did that just the other day with my class,” says Hull.

Captain says it is only recently that we started to learn about the “toxic twins”. They are two chemicals found in most fires. Hull says it used to be considered “cool” to never clean gear or only sometimes wear your helmet and full gear when fighting a fire. Captain says a more a “preventative shift” started happening in their culture after 9-11. It now includes always wearing protective gear and cleaning  the chemicals off gear thoroughly among many other new safety precautions.

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