Mentorship at core of new after-school care program

COLUMBUS, Ga — There’s a new after-school program that’s launching for students and parents this Fall in most Muscogee County and Phenix City area schools.

It’s a unique approach that pushes the students to excel beyond academics. Designed for children between the ages of three and sixteen, the program keeps their brains and bodies active.

The Columbus Martial Arts Academy Ultimate Youth Sports is launching an after-school program to serve in a mentorship capacity. The academy will pick up students after-school and bus them to one of its two Columbus locations.

Once there, counselors will be sure your students get right to work on homework. After that, physical activity is on the menu. Coaches will explore a variety of sports with kids, and they will also learn some martial arts and dance moves.

The manager of the academy says the goal is to build a well-rounded student who is able to face all challenges of school and life.

“If a child can learn a five step process of a martial arts moves, what’s a math test? What’s a science test? It gives them confidence. It gives them self-esteem. And if a child has that, they walk different, they talk different, they act different  because they are different,” says Michael Stokes, manager of Columbus Martial Arts Academy Ultimate Youth Sports.

Fees for enrollment in the program are paid by the parents, and seating is limited.

Columbus Martial Arts Academic is conducting summer camps right now that filled to capacity in February.

For more information on the program, please click this link.

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