Local family needs help burying their brother

OPELIKA, Ala. – A local family is doing whatever it takes to make sure the man they consider to be their brother has a proper burial after he was shot and killed over the holiday weekend.

46-year-old David Green was shot and killed at the Swann’s Mobile Home Park around 5 p.m. on Saturday.  Kennedy Harris was arrested on Tuesday accused in the murder, but his family says they still have a heavy burden to bear.

Paulette Truitt, Green’s sister in law, was in shock when she found out the news.

“I was thinking it wasn’t true and I was hoping that it wasn’t true and that’s why we rushed to Auburn to see what was going on,” said Truitt.

Her husband Cedrick Truitt , who is green’s god brother,  was in denial because he couldn’t believe that his best man was gone.

Cedrick Truitt said,”Who could do this to him? What’s really going on? At first i thought it was a prank, but it wasn’t a prank.”

Paulette still hasn’t found closure because she says green recently overcame a rare life-threatening medical diagnosis.

“If God brought him through a whole aneurysm then why is he dead from a killing? A gun shot? It’s just a real sad thing because the people that he’s always around in that trailer park and I don’t understand why anyone would harm him,” said Truitt.

The Truitt’s felt it was their responsibility to make sure green had a proper burial.

“I started putting things in line because I wanted him to go the best way. They couldn’t find insurance or anything so I just stepped in to try and raise money to go to Harris Funeral Home,” said Truitt.

To donate click here.

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