Boykin Community Center to soon receive a facelift

AUBURN, Ala.- Tuesday night, Auburn City Council voted to revise the Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant, and more than $500,000 will go to making renovations at the center.

City Manager Charlie Duggan says when the city became an entitlement city from the federal government, they received federal funds and they use the funds to help low to moderate level income families.

The center houses different non-profits that provide social services to the community such as daycare, the Boys and Girls Club, senior citizen programs and more. The center will undergo ADA improvements, upgrading the restrooms, undergoing HVAC improvements, adding card swipe access to the building and much more.

The city says it is gratifying to see changes that benefit the present and the future.

“We have a lot of competition for our quality-of-life dollars, for our dollars that go towards services, but also parks and recreation activities,” Duggan said. “A grant like this allows us to concentrate a large sum of money on this part of the city that will allow the citizens to benefit for several decades.”

The project is slated to go to bid this fall, and the city hopes the project will be completed this spring, and a new phase started in July 2017.

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