Keeping dogs cool during summer heat

COLUMBUS, Ga. — With the heat in the dog days of summer, we’re on your side with some reminders before taking your four-legged friends outdoors.  Dogs can suffer burns and blisters on the pads of their paws from walking on hot concrete.

Veterinarian Hank Hall says to avoid taking your dog for a walk or run during the heat of the day.  He suggests taking your dog for walks earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the pavement has a chance to cool down.

“Slip your shoes off.  Walk across that sidewalk out there.  Walk across the road.  See how long you can stay on that thing.  Not very long.  We’re on shoes that are padded up and soles and stuff and they’re right down on their paws and they burn and get blisters,” Dr. Hall said.

Hall also says it’s important to keep dogs cool in the summer by keeping their hair cut short.  If your dog is outside, Hall says to make sure they have shade and water


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