Practicing fireworks safety

COLUMBUS Ga. – It’s the Fourth of July weekend and families across the country will gather to celebrate Independence Day. Don’t forget that it’s important to remember firework safety.

Morgan Whitlock, says she dreads this time of the year, because she knows there’s going to be so many fireworks going off. “It can be a very stressful time and out here in the country my next door neighbors will be shooting off fireworks having a good time. Everybody does it every year.”

Not only does she have two dogs, but she also has horses that aren’t so fond of the noises either.

“It’s usually the boom and sometimes the fizzles that can create a different reaction, because it’s not a normal sound,” said Whitlock.

Chris Myers, a fireworks specialist, says there is a large selection of fireworks that don’t make loud noises.

“Other smaller things that don’t shoot way up in the air and make big explosions, because that’s what most residential people don’t like. There is a big military group in Columbus that suffers from PTSD and a lot of people with animals don’t like all that noise,” said Myers.

Myers stresses the importance of firework safety. “You see a lot of people who use them improperly. They hold them in their hands and that’s how people end up getting burned or hurt. If you read the instructions of it says that you need to stick it in the ground or in a bottle. You light it and step away.”

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