Keep your Fourth fireworks display injury-free

AMERICUS, Ga —  Excitement crackles in the air as the community gets ready to celebrate a long Independence Day weekend. If you are planning your own fireworks show as a part of your holiday celebration, there are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Fireworks are legal in both Georgia and Alabama, and all types of them are popping up in stores and stands all over the Chattahoochee Valley area. Local teens tell News 3 they are excited for a excitement packed holiday — but they know the extra fire power means extra danger too.

Just like most any other teens their age, Josh McKie and Chandler Studdard are looking forward to a colorful Fourth of July filled with fun, friends, and fireworks.

“A lot of people come over for the Fourth. We have a big barbecue and everything, so a lot of people come out,” Studdard says.

They couldn’t be happier that Georgia law now allows them to purchase the type of fireworks they like locally and legally.

“So happy because it was just a pain having to go somewhere else to get a firework or whatever,” says Josh McKie.

But these young men both say they take safety seriously.

“You can find a can or Gatorade bottle, since you can always find one of those lying around, and you just put it on a flat place, and put the bottle rocket in it and light it and step back. Usually it won’t bother you,” says McKie.

“Always, always careful. Don’t want anybody to get hurt. That’s always important,” says Studdard.

To keep you and your loved ones from getting hurt, be sure you follow the rules of safety before setting off your own fireworks display:

1. Location is everything

“I would tell them to get in an open field, something where there’s no trees over it, there’s no sheds over it. You want to get somewhere where it’s open,” says Zabrina Porter, a fireworks retailer in Americus.

2. Before you light that fuse, be sure that firework is out of your hand

“You want to make sure when you light it, you get back, so that if it malfunctions, which it shouldn’t, but if it does, no one gets hurt,” Porter adds.

3. Retailers say reading the instructions on the fireworks packaging is important

“They are made of gun powder and dynamite, so please don’t hold them. You are to light them, and drop them and throw them,” Porter says.




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