Warm Springs Road construction should not delay rush hour traffic

COLUMBUS, Ga — Columbus Water Works says repairs to the sewer infrastructure on Warm Springs Road should not cause rush hour traffic headaches this week.

The city is preparing to reinforce the sewer system by relining pipes, but before that can happen, some areas need to have patches of damaged pipes replaced.

That is what is happening at Warm Springs Road and Spring Circle this week.  Work on the project is scheduled to take place after ten o’clock each night to avoid traffic jams.

Once damaged pipes are replaced, the city can ultimately go back and use a method called cured in-place piping to reinforce existing sewer lines.  It saves the city money and avoids more expensive construction projects.

“Therefore, we do not have to dig up the street for the majority of the work. We can just insert the liner in a trenchless fashion from manhole to manhole, then blow up the liner. It seals, it hardens, and actually forms a pipe within a pipe,” says Vic Burchfield, Vice President of Information, Security, and Environmental Services at Columbus Water Works.

The capital improvement program funds city infrastructure projects such as this one.  It’s a continuous initiative designed to keep the city’s services functioning optimally and save money when possible.

The project at Warm Springs and Spring Circle is scheduled to be completed Friday.

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