‘Gary’s Berries’ raising money for a mission

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga — A local family says their blueberry patch is more than just a farm — it’s a mission field.

Allen Levi and his family say what started as a simple way to give back to the community is now a daily reminder of a man’s mission to help others. Allen says his brother Gary planted the blueberry patch six years ago as a way to serve the community and raise money for overseas mission trips.

“That was my brother’s mindset about everything. No matter what work he did, he always had a bigger purpose in mind,” Allen says.

Allen says Gary did missionary work in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Spain and Peru.

He says a year after planting the blueberry fields, Gary was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just one more year later, he was gone.

Now four years later, Allen says he picks “Gary’s Berries” every summer in his brother’s place and it’s an enriching experience.

“It is always a delightful thing to remember him at these moments, to pray for and with him at those moments, and to know his life still, it’s still carrying on.”

Anyone who pays to come pick “Gary’s Berries” is reminded all proceeds are donated to a church in Pakistan.

“It encourages me and I think others to know that we can do things now that will outlive our life span, and will allow us to bless the world, and to love others long after we’re gone,” Allen says.

“Gary lived with that mindset constantly.  And so, it’s just kind of a thumbs up whenever I’m out there picking, and I think, well done good  and faithful servant.”

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