Complaints about Victory Crossing Apartments

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Residents at a local apartment complex say they are concerned about their living conditions.  News 3 went to Victory Crossing Apartments almost a month ago to look into complaints about a large pile of trash.

Montia Harris has lived in Victory Crossing Apartments for the past few months.  He says he has maintenance problems in his apartment.

“I got gnats in my house.  My son can’t eat.  We have to go to the neighbors house and eat sometimes.  Sometime I got to go to my mom house.  Swinging all day everyday inside my apartment,” Harris describes.

Harris also voices concerns about the condition of the pool.

“We paying rent about this pool.  We don’t got no water in it and they’re saying they aren’t going to do nothing about it,” he says.

The dumpsters were overflowing with heaps of trash at the end of May, but have since been cleaned up.

“They had the maintenance people to do it.  They still haven’t had the trash people to come dump the dumpster themselves.  They had the people going inside the dumpsters and getting the trash and removing it by themselves,” Harris says.

When News 3 called Advanced Disposal a month ago, they wouldn’t say why, but said there was a reason they hadn’t picked up the trash.

Harris tells News 3 he continues to call the rental office with complaints, but says nothing has happened.

“It’s been about a month, when you guys came out last time for the trash, I was calling then,” he says.

Harris says he would like to come home to a nice, clean environment.

“I don’t want to come home and pick up trash in front of my building.  That’s not my job.  I just came from work.  That’s my job,” Harris says angrily. “I don’t want to have to come home and clean up, but I do that though because I like to keep the community clean.”

News 3 tried to reach out to the leasing office Tuesday asking them about some of the concerns the residents have, but they had no comment.

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