All white gala raises money for local charities

PHENIX CITY, Ala.- The 14th street pedestrian bridge that connects Phenix City and Columbus was decked in white Sunday night.

Neddy Smith coordinated the All White Gala, and she encourages everyone to give back to the community.

“[This is] to bridge our two cities Phenix City and Columbus to an event in our community where everyone can come out and be a part of it and also be able to help build the community by making donations that go to local charities here,” said Smith.

Some of the proceeds from the gala will go to Project Rebound. Project Rebound is a non-profit organization that works with children and their families.

Dr.J.Aleem Hud, the President of Project Rebound hopes to bring awareness to issues affecting the black community.

Hud said, “It shouldn’t be that way, but the reason it is that way is because the corporate people who are making money off these poor communities are not contributing back to programs that help improve the community.”

Hud also says some of the proceeds will go directly back into the community by employing young people in order to keep them out of trouble.

“So that they don’t feel impoverished and they don’t have to feel disadvantaged and so they don’t have to hate on other people who are being prosperous. That’s what the community is all about, each one teach one,” said Hud.

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