Local black history museum seeks funding

COLUMBUS Ga.- A local museum is trying to dig its way out of a financial hole due to a lack in funding. As News 3 has reported, the Columbus Black History Museum’s doors were on the verge of closing before people stepped up to donate their dollars.

Tonza Thomas, the President of the Columbus NAACP branch, says the museum must stay open because she believes people must know where they come from in order to know where they are going.

“No one can tell our stories like we do and a lot of times our past hasn’t been documented well. So where it has been erected it should be kept. It’s a part of the community just like any other museum,” said Thomas.

Constance Albritten says she had to stop by the museum when she heard they were struggling.

Albritten said, “I heard about the challenges that they were facing and I wanted to come out and see. I’ve been out in Columbus since 03 and I’ve never been over here and I just thought it deserved my attention to find out what was happening.”

Dave Gillarm, the museum’s Executive Director, says once the word was out that the museum needed donations, the local chapter of the NAACP wanted to get involved.

“To have an organization like that come an approach me because I didn’t come to them. And to say we need to have some type of partnership, we need to make this work and we need to preserve black history in Columbus, that’s an amazing feeling,” said Gillarm.

The NAACP and Gillarm are planning a fundraiser to help save the museum. They plan to reach out to the Muscogee County School District to see if they can create a new educational partnership. Gillarm also says he has taken to social media and the internet to help spread the word.

“In the Go Fund Me they can donate anonymously so that’s why we’re looking to adding that as well and we can place that link on various websites,” said Gillarm.

He said they’ve raised less than $1,000, which is only enough to keep their doors open until the end of July.

To donate click here

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