Attorney of 17th Ave. shooting suspect says it will be a self-defense case

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Torrance Menefee, the man suspected of shooting 25-year-old Kenneth Holloway Jr. on June 18, plead not guilty in recorder’s court on Friday.

Corporal Darrell Middlebrooks of the Columbus Police Department told the court that witnesses identified Menefee as the shooter, and witnesses also said Menefee and Holloway were friends.

During proceeding, Cpl. Middlebrooks told the court that some witnesses said Menefee and Holloway got into an argument over a bottle of alcohol, and others said Holloway was making fun of Menefee, which caused him to get angry and shoot.

menefeeHolloway was shot one time in the chest, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Menefee was ordered to be held at the Muscogee County Jail with no bond.

Menefee’s attorney, Stacey Jackson said that Menefee turned himself in three days after the shooting and turned in his weapon, concealed carry permit and his holster to show he was not hiding anything. “If you listen to the evidence or what have you, I’m assuming that you would anticipate this would be a self-defense case. That’s one of the main reasons Mr. Menefee turned himself in after the shooting.”

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