Auburn active shooter training all the more relevant after Orlando tragedy


AUBURN, Ala.- Since 2008, Auburn University has offered an active shooter training course to its faculty and students. The goal of the training is to provide faculty and students the information they need in the event their safety is in danger.

Interim Executive Director of Public Safety for Auburn, Chance Corbett says they want to ensure all students are given the tools to stay safe. Corbett says it is just as crucial to ensure faculty since they are viewed as leaders and in an event, they can take charge and others will follow. Corbett added they have to be prepared.

auburn1“We would like to think that we are not a big target,” Corbett said. “We would like to think we’ve got people here that are trying to get an education and we have a community; Auburn’s a very safe place we really love. We also have to keep in mind anything can happen anywhere so we can’t stick our head in the sand and say it’ll never happen here. We need to be thinking what if it does and are we prepared? Are our students and faculty prepared?”

Former student and current advisor, Brit Bowen did the training. He says he is blessed to work at a place that makes this training available to him. He adds that he can carry this training with him for the rest of his life.

“If tragedy does strike, you at least have something you can go off of and it’s sad that we live in this day and age where you have to be prepared for it,” Bowen said. “I’m really thankful we have that here because there are a lot of places that don’t.”

To learn more about the training, visit

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