Miss Georgia Pageant draws large crowd to area

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Businesses in Uptown are preparing for a busy next few days as the 72nd Annual Miss Georgia Pageant comes to the Rivercenter.  Norman Easterbrook with the Rivercenter expects the Miss Georgia Pageant to bring more than 1,200 to 1,300 to Columbus.

He says this will bring a great economic benefit to Uptown.  Easterbrook tells News 3 the pageant also brings more part-time work at the Rivercenter during Miss Georgia for folks in the community.

“We always supplement our permanent staff in the theater simply because the hours are so long and then also because you need to have the right number of people in all of our various in front of house as well as backstage,” Easterbrook said.

Benjamin Gerade with the Loft says they have one to two more servers working than normal during with the Miss Georgia Pageant in town.

“Pretty much anything that comes to Columbus we have to get ready and prepare for because anything that drives foot traffic will definitely increase our business,” he said.

The Miss Georgia Pageant has been held at the Rivercenter since 2003.


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