Local woman aids FL shark attack victim

COLUMBUS, Ga. – You might have heard about a shark attack off the coast of Florida.  One of the people who came to the aid of the teenage victim lives in Columbus.

A long weekend trip to Neptune Beach in Florida over Memorial Day Weekend is sure to be one Brook Sanders won’t forget.  She bravely sprang into action after a shark bit a 13-year-old boy in the leg.

“See, I’ve never been scared of the water my whole life.  Never been afraid, but now I do know that I will get back in the water, but I’ll always probably look behind me and always be a little nervous,” Sanders said.

Sanders recalls being waist deep in the ocean and noticed two people playing behind her.

“We looked back after a big wave crashed and one of the boys was on top of the other boy’s back.  We noticed that something wasn’t right because they weren’t playing that close together before and then we just saw the blood in the water and the other boy was yelling help, help he got bit by a shark,” Sanders explained.

At first, Sanders says she wasn’t sure what was happening.  She then noticed the blood and went over to the boy.

“We got him out of the water.  I took him to find his parents.  There was blood dripping everywhere.  Maddy went and ran to find help to find the lifeguards and it all happened just so fast,” Sanders said.

She says a lot of people swarmed the beach and the teenage victim offering help when they got to shore.

“It was all instinct.  Complete instinct.  I wasn’t scared.  I didn’t shake until after the fact,” Sanders said.

Sanders describes the ordeal as a different type of experience.

“It changed the way I feel about things.  I’m already in school to be a nurse and I never knew what I wanted to do, but now I know that trauma, those people that really need you in that exact moment, that you always help,” she said.

After being just feet away from a shark attack, Sanders suggests for beach goers to be aware of their surroundings and remember that the ocean is the shark’s home.

According to the Neptune Beach Ocean Rescue, the shark could be about five feet long based on the bite mark spanning eight inches.

Sanders said she talked to the victim’s aunt two days ago.  She says according to the aunt, the 13-year-old is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.



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