Residents complain about trash problem

COLUMBUS, Ga. – News 3 is looking into complaints from some residents at the Victory Crossing apartment complex.  Residents says trash has been piling up in the dumpsters for nearly three weeks now.

All three dumpsters at the apartment complex are overflowing with heaps of trash.  One resident says she worries about the safety of kids who live there being exposed to all of the trash.

“Every time the wind blow we don’t have any fresh air.  All we smell is just trash and garbage or dirty diapers like I’m scared to have my mom come over because she gets sick and I don’t want her to be around all of this.  I don’t want to be around all of this,” resident Aarion McElroy said.

News 3 stopped by Victory Crossing’s office, but they had no comment.  When we called the company who picks up the trash, all they could tell us is that there is a reason the trash has not been picked up at that apartment complex.  They would not tell us the reason why it hasn’t been picked up.

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