One east Columbus neighborhood: City’s feral cat program not working

COLUMBUS, Ga —  This morning, some neighbors in an east Columbus neighborhood tell News 3 feral cats have taken over their neighborhood. They now want city leaders to revisit the Trap, Neuter, and Release program policy.

Under the city’s TNR program, feral cats are caught and given a rabies vaccination and released. The goal is to save the lives of the animals while helping the city rid itself of vermin.

While some Columbus residents say they appreciate the city’s efforts to find a compassionate solution to deal with feral cats, they add it’s not working.  The residents of this particular east Columbus neighborhood contacted News 3 On Your Side because they say the situation has gotten out-of-control. They say the cats are taking over their neighborhood, destroying their yards, coming into their homes, and even attacking their own pets.

“There have got to be more situations in this town, that I’m in now, with my home being invaded, my yard smells like a litter box that’s ten days old. There’s got to be more than just me having these issues. I would like to know if the city has any ideas on correcting it,” Sandra Crow told News 3.

Neighbor Beth Stine adds, “I’m a pet lover. I hate for any animal to be put down. But something has got to be done about this feral cat population.”

Several people in the neighborhood own cats.  They are afraid, however, of their cats contracting diseases from the feral cats. The neighbors say they are contacting city leaders to ask that alternatives to the current program be considered.

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