News 3’s Top Trends: May 31

Experts weigh in on the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla's death in Tuesday's trends alongside the Golden State Warriors advance to the NBA finals and Africa's ban on Caitlyn Jenner's reality series.

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Experts weigh in on Cincinnati Zoo gorilla death


Wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin says “Zoos are not your babysitters” when asked to comment on the death of a Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. The 17-year-old lowland silverback gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed Saturday after a small boy fell into the gorilla enclosure.

Corwin says parents should “take a break from the cellphone and the selfie stick to connect with [their] children.” He adds “no amount of money or science” can replace what’s lost with the gorilla’s death. Silverback gorillas are considered extremely endangered.

An online campaign to hold the mother responsible for the incident is gaining signatures. The “Justice for Harambe” petition has close to 300,000 supporters.

Cincinnati Zoo director Jack Hanna says during an appearance on CBS This Morning he agrees “1000 percent” with the Zoo’s choice to kill Harambe as a last resort to save the boy.

“People just don’t understand… you can’t take a risk when it comes to a silverback gorilla,” says Hanna.

He says the child would have  needed to climb over a three-foot barrier and walked through a line of bushes to reach the ledge he fell over into the gorilla exhibit. He says the barriers are “adequate” but the zoo is working to look for ways to improve.

Hanna says the Zoo hopes to have the Gorilla World exhibit back up and running by the weekend.


Golden State Warriors advance to NBA Finals


The Golden State Warriors advance to the NBA finals for the second year in a row after a come-from-behind victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Monday night’s Game 7 of the Western Conference finals came to a close at 96-88.

Golden State becomes the 10th team in NBA history to rally from a three-games-to-one deficit in seven-game postseason series and win it.

Stephen Curry scored a game-high 36 points to spark the Warriors.

The best-of-seven NBA Finals will tip off Thursday night in Oakland.


Africa bans Caitlyn Jenner reality show

Caitlyn Jenner’s reality TV show “I Am Cait” has been dropped across the entire African Continent, according to BBC reports.

The decision comes after the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) made an official request, saying parents complained about the show’s content.

MultiChoice, the channel originally set to air the program, says it made the decision to pull the program out of “respect for customers’ views” and “Africa’s diverse regulatory environments.”

A petition to reinstate the program is underway on Change.Org. One signer says, “I don’t need Nigerians to decide what I can and cannot watch, in my own country.”

This is the second time the NBC has asked pan-African broadcasters to drop transgender-related programming.

Local media reports say the NBC asked Multichoice to drop “I Am Jazz,” A TLC network reality TV show about the life of transgender teenager Jazz Jennings.

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